Standard Hard Floor Rug Gripper Anti-Slip Underlay (AKO Extra)




Size: 180 x 280cm


This specialist underlay for hard floors is 2.2mm thick and offers a simple, effective and convenient anti-slip solution for preventing rugs from slipping and moving on all hard floor types, including laminates, wood, tiles and vinyl. It also offers additional benefits over our multi-purpose all-floor underlay:

* Excellent level of grip

* Machine washable (40 degrees) for easy cleaning and to restore functionality

* Protects rugs, allows air to circulate & enhances comfort underfoot

* Infinitely reusable, move the rug as often as you like!

* Suitable for use with under floor heating


This anti-slip underlay can be re-used again and again, just wash in the washing machine if it loses some adhesion. Your underlay should be around 5-10cm narrower than the length and width of your rug.  Just trim with scissors.


Not effective if placed on carpets.  Please choose our "All-Surface Rug Anti-Slip Underlay" or one of our other underlays that work on carpet.


Please note that we can only cut from 60cm, 120cm, 160cm or 180cm roll widths. For larger widths, you may use 2 or more pieces next to each other. The underlay can be trimmed to size easily by you using scissors. Please contact us for details and prices for sizes not mentioned above, but note that special orders cannot be returned unless faulty.

Please note that due to their large size, the 200 x 300cm and 240 x 320cm underlays will be sent in 2 pieces. To use, place the pieces next to each other,  no taping necessary.

Please contact us for a quotation for larger sizes.  Any size is possible.



- If flooring is treated with water-based lacquers, allow at least 3 months full drying time before using this product
- only suitable on flooring treated with solvent-free sealants as there is a small chance it may mark the floor
- no adhesion when wet!

Made in Germany.  Made from PES/glass fibre yarn coated on both sides with a special PVC-foam.

Please note that expedited delivery for 120cm, 160cm and 180cm rolls will incur additional costs to those displayed due to higher courier charges.  Please contact us for a quote before ordering.

To lay the underlay, have a look at the video below.  Although this is intended for one of our other underlays, the Premium All-Surface Underlay, you can get some good tips.  Please note that the underlay is supplied folded.

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Very good product. Easy to use and very effective. Also lowest price among those checked and no charge for delivery! Super!

Very impressive grip and speedy delivery.

I bought the hard floor anti slip underlay. excellent product. works a treat and does not raise the rug too high. very easy to cut to size and a very good price. checked a lot of suppliers and this was the cheapest. perfect!

Very happy with product and delivery time was excellent.

Excellent product. I bought this to prevent my Persian rugs slipping om the wooden floor and this keeps them in place. Fast delivery too. 

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