Top Fleece II - Highest Quality Multi-Purpose Rug Anti-Slip Underlay (AKO)




Size: 60 x 120cm


Top Fleece II is the ultimate anti-slip rug underlay for use on all floor types. Avoids slip and trip hazards and prolongs the life of your rug.

This unique product has two different surfaces, one coated with a dry adhesive, the other with an anti-slip coating to ensure the best grip regardless of the rug type or the floor covering it is to be used on.

The super-stiff, hi-density, needle-punched fleece will not ruck or crease, providing optimum support for the rug.

This underlay is best suited for use on hard floors when commonly used lacquers and oils or waxes which contain organic solvents have been used or when the nature of the solvents is unknown. The solvents in those lacquers, oils and waxes may attack other hard floor underlays, leaving a mark on the floor, even when the surface treatments have long dried.

Choose this underlay if you have any concerns of possible damage to the floor by the underlay.

Other benefits:-

  • Very comfortable under foot.  Excellent impact sound insulation.  Protects valuable carpets.

  • Double sided for optimum performance, regardless of surface

  • The protective film provides easy-to-read usage information

  • Easy to handle – the film keeps the product clean and includes a ruler to make cutting and measuring easier

  • Machine washable for easy cleaning and to restore functionality (Machine wash with water only. Do not use soap or washing detergents)

Suitable for use with textile and smooth floors, including wall-to-wall carpets, laminates, wooden, PVC, lino and proprietory floors such as Karndean, as well as ceramic, vinyl or stone tiles.

Approximate thickness 3mm. Cut down to size with scissors if required. The underlay includes ruler markings to make cutting and measuring easier. The underlay should be around 5cm smaller than the rug so that it works close to the edge but does not show.  Please note that this underlay is not available in bespoke sizes.

CAUTION - If water-based treatments have been used, allow 3 months full drying before using this product. Please note that frequent lifting of the underlay may reduce the adhesion. Any adhesive residue on the floor is easily removed with simple cleaning.


To lay the underlay, have a look at the video below.  Although this is intended for one of our other underlays, the Premium All-Surface Underlay, you can get some good tips.  Please note that the underlay is supplied folded.

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