RugBuddy® Under Rug Heater

RugBuddy under-rug heaters – warmth where you need it most

Get warmth from under your feet – safely, silently, economically – with RugBuddy® under rug heating.
RugBuddy is only 3mm thick so you won't feel it under the rug. It's easy to feel warm with RugBuddy® under rug heating.
Use RugBuddy® on hard floors or carpeted floors.
Here's how to banish the chill of cold floors and ankle level draughts:
1. Measure your rug
2. Choose a slightly smaller RugBuddy
3. To order the RugBuddy, click HERE to go to the RugBuddy® website.  Sorry, we cannot accept online or phone orders for the RugBuddy® here on this Rugs and Stuff.  (clicking the link will take you to the RugBuddy website where your order can be placed.
4. Come back to our website after buying your RugBuddy® for the biggest choice in quality underlays

5. Receive RugBuddy® and underlay in just a few days.  They will come in separate parcels.
6. Position underlay on floor and lay RugBuddy® on top
7. Plug in and enjoy the warmth from your rug (in 20 mins)
In the RugBuddy® box you will receive:
1. RugBuddy® in the size of your choice
2. RCD safety cut-out protection
3. Instructions/ User Guide
4. Tape to secure RugBuddy® to underlay

A 30 day no-quibble guarantee 'CE Marked'/ 'IEC Approved' peace of mind
6. If you ordered underlay, it will arrive separately
Unless you already have rug underlay, be sure to order one here on our website. The underlay isn't thick (c.3 mm) and it will stop the RugBuddy® slipping across the floor. Also, the underlay will add some insulation, making your RugBuddy® even more effective.
The following 4 underlays can be used with the RugBuddy® but the Top Fleece Underlay is the one recommended by the RugBuddy® manufacturer.  Click on each link below for further information:
These sizes suit most rugs.
  • 50 x 100cm, (20 x 39 inches) 80Watts £134

  • 50 x 150cm, (20 x 59 inches) 90Watts £149

  • 50 x 200cm, (20 x 79 inches) 120Watts £159

  • 100 x 150cm, (39 x 59 inches) 180Watts £184

  • 100 x 200cm, (39 x 79 inches) 250Watts £214

  • 125 x 160cm, (49 x 63 inches) 250Watts £214

  • 130 x 220cm, (51 x 87 inches) 350Watts £254

  • 150 x 230cm, (59 x 91 inches) 450Watts £289

  • 177 x 251cm, (70 x 99 inches) 600Watts £349

(prices correct at time of publishing this information)
You want your rug to overlap the RugBuddy® by at least 2.5 - 5cm on each edge. This is to make sure some of the rug is directly in contact with the underlay, and that none of the Rugbuddy® is exposed.
When choosing an underlay, make sure the underlay is the same size or larger than your rug. The underlay is easy to trim with scissors to match your rug.
Great Idea!: For larger rugs, why not place two RugBuddies side-by-side (but do not overlap the RugBuddies)?
Remember you are trying RugBuddy® risk free with the Day No-Quibble Explicit Guarantee.
Delivery is within 48 hours to most UK and selected EU destinations.  International shipping can be arranged.
*Your rug should be at least 5 cm broader overall than the RugBuddy®.
To find out more and to order RugBuddy®, just click here